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I am honestly not sure where to start. I knew that being from the Midwest helps me stand out, but I felt like I needed to showcase my art more which is when I had the idea for denim jackets. This all started when I painted two denim jackets while living in a pink house with nine other roommates. The amount of creative and artistic support I received in that house helped me through all the ups and downs, and ultimately sparked what is now The Pink House Project.  

Since then, I have painted roughly 50 denim jackets and even a couple of denim bottoms, all completely unique to each customer, some even being local celebrities who make art of their own. For each custom piece, the customer and I work together to bring their ideas to life on denim, and to me it seems like each jacket is more imaginative than the next. The jackets to me were my way into the art community here in Minnesota, which led to our first clothing drop. The creativity and quality of our first drop, as well as our custom denim is what makes us stand out.  It is crazy to me how this all began in a small town in Minnesota, and now is growing even bigger than we would've ever thought, even reaching into other states.

After countless hours designing these pieces and perfecting the process, I have realized that it is not about and has never been about the clothes, it is about growing together as a society. Becoming a world of inclusivity, where everyone feels heard, and is able to bring their creativity to life, that is what The Pink House Project supports and is. Creating a brand and turning it into a welcoming community for all, that is my goal. Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far, and I cannot wait to see more ideas develop into a reality.

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